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A Guide For Purchasing Tactical Gear For Women

Tactical gear is designed for everyone who needs it, which is why at PSP Corp, many of our items are targeted towards women. If you are a woman in need of tactical gear for law enforcement, military operations, or extreme sports, then you’ve come to the right place! We sell a wide variety of gear to keep you safe.

Choosing The Best Tactical Shirts

When choosing a tactical shirt, you want something that does the job but looks professional. We ensure that all of our shirts are durable, fit for purpose, and provide flexibility and comfort. All of our shirts meet the required needs for women in occupations involving high-intensity situations, so look for something practical and comfortable that suits you.

Take a look at our women’s poly wool military shirt for example – long-sleeved, professional, and equipped with everything you need in the military field.

Choosing The Best Tactical Pants

Having the right pants in any given situation is vital. If you’re a police officer pursuing a criminal on foot, or you’re a mountain biker riding down a mountain path, your tactical pants are designed to keep you dry, comfortable and well-protected. With a variety of options for women’s tactical pants, we encourage you to choose something that is both stylish and appropriate for your purpose of use.

For example, our women’s freedom training capri will be much better suited for any extreme sports, while our taclite pro pants are better built for any police or military use.

Choosing The Best Tactical Belt

As a premium accessory, tactical belts are designed for men and women alike. When looking for a belt, consider the intensity of its purpose, and ensure it’s made of the right material to withstand everything your activities/environment will throw at it. Our gear outer duty belt for example, provides incredible support and is made to last with strong material for any situation.

For anyone carrying firearms or other items on their belts, our border patrol belts offer pouch options for all of your holstering needs.

Choosing The Best Tactical Footwear

From boots to shoes, and overshoes, there is a wide range of tactical footwear available. If you’re a woman looking for tactical footwear, ensure that you choose the right size for you that fits properly while still being comfortable enough to run in. We offer 5-6” boots for those with smaller feet, and all of our footwear is made from top-quality leather for maximum endurance.

Other Tactical Gear/Equipment To Consider 

Women looking for tactical gear could benefit from more accessories and equipment to keep them safe in high-intensity situations. Here are some examples of things that could be useful to you:

  • Baselayer Tops. In extreme weather conditions, regulating your body heat is of utmost importance. Baselayer tops are designed for every situation, including women’s coldgear to keep you warm in the coldest weather.
  • Underwear. Many people neglect underwear when outfitting themselves in tactical gear, but that’s a big mistake, especially for women. Having a women’s armour crossback sports bra will keep your chest protected even in the most intense situations.
  • Tactical Duty Gloves. Whether you’re in cold weather or other situations where you need to keep your hands protected, women’s tactical duty gloves are a great investment. They provide great maneuverability and are designed to enhance your natural grip.

For Excellent Tactical Gear For Women In Canada, Contact PSP Corp Today! 

Here at PSP Corp, we’re willing and eager to provide exceptional customer service to female customers regarding women’s tactical gear in Canada. Some of our items include a full range of pants and shoes specifically designed with women in mind. To find out how we can provide you with top-quality women’s tactical gear, contact us today!