A Guide to Electronic Equipment for Tactical Professionals

Jason Campoli on July 27, 2021

What Tech Do Tactical Pros Need to Succeed? 

Whether you’re a cop, investigator, military personnel, or park ranger, you’ll need the right gear to succeed. In an increasingly digital world, these professionals need a high-quality set of electronic gear, like radio equipment.

Why is technology so important for tactical missions – and what gear do the pros need? Read below to learn more about the digital needs of tactical professionals.

The Importance of Technology on Tactical Missions 

If you consider the history of tactical gear, you’ll realize that the development of weaponry and armour over time is quite interesting.

During many historic wars spanning over centuries, armies would upgrade their weapons – and upon realizing that their opponents’ weapons were also upgraded, they would upgrade their defensive materials too. As a result, weaponry and armour all around the world would slowly advance.

This generally describes the progression of physical tactical gear – but technology is relevant too, as it complicates things. Technology is a little more unpredictable than physical weaponry and armour, and can help in ways beyond offense and defense.  

Technology can help teams communicate with each other and plan on a deeper level. Tactical teams need technological tools to keep up with the digital world we live in today.

Basic Electronic Gear Checklist

What are the most essential digital tools for tactical pros? Read below to find out.

Radio Device

One of the more obvious benefits of communications equipment is that it allows teams of professionals to interact with each other over long distances. In general scenarios, like arrests, this is clearly helpful. But think about scenarios involving higher stakes. Police on the chase to rescue a kidnapping victim or a bomb squad would need to think quickly – and communicate quickly too.  

That’s why having functional and reliable radio equipment is a must. Gone are the days when fuzzy-sounding walkie talkies were the norm. Now, teams need radio equipment that produces clear audio over long stretches of space. 


The average civilian carries around a camera on their mobile phone. These cameras can produce images and videos of fairly high quality – but for tactical purposes, this isn’t always enough. In many areas, police officers and similar professionals must wear body cams. Other tactical pros may need cameras for investigative purposes. Either way, this tool is vital for capturing important footage and evidence. 

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Video Scope

The video scope is one of the best kept secrets among tactical professionals. One of the biggest faults that most cameras have is that they cannot capture good-quality footage in poorly lit environments. This makes night-time particularly tough.

A video scope allows the user to capture high-quality videos under extremely low light. Video scopes are shaped differently than normal cameras, with a long rod and hook attached to the end. Every tactical team should have one in their set of gear.

Metal Detector 

With so many useful aspects, there’s no wonder why metal detectors have remained a useful tool in spaces requiring security. Metal detectors use an electronic oscillator to produce a current that is able to identify traces of metal.

There are plenty of different kinds of metal detectors – some are handheld, while some are large and allow a person to walk through them. Either way, these devices are a major help for environments with security concerns.

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AKT Clear Tube

From grizzly crime scenes to volatile nightclubs, some of the environments in which tactical pros work can get pretty noisy. The AKT Clear Tube allows the user to hear what they need to in order to perform their duties – plus, the discreet look is perfect for keeping your cover.

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Tactical professionals should be reminded that many tech-based gear still runs on battery power – and there’s no point in having the top digital gear if it isn’t charged up for use when it’s needed. Before setting out on any kind of tactical outing, you should ensure that all necessary gear is charged to its full capacity. 


Tactical professionals know that the job gets tougher and more complicated every day. In a fast paced world, it’s important to keep up with technology and see how the latest digital gear can benefit your team.