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Best Camp Stoves of 2023

If you’re into extreme survival training, you need the right tools to survive, eat, and drink. This includes camping stoves. However, choosing a camping stove is a complex process, and you need to know the differences between wood-burning stoves, gas stoves, and other essential stove types. Keep reading as we explore the best camping stoves of 2023 and the differences between each type.

Types of Camping Stove

Before camping, you must equip yourself with the necessary survival tools. You will need a light source, such as a torch or camping lantern. You’ll also need to pack sleeping equipment and shelter.

While you survive in the wilderness, you must also cook and eat. If you’re training, you will need to eat more because of the excessive strain on your body and the extra calories you’ll burn. For this, you need a camp stove.

Knowing which type suits your purpose is essential when buying your camp stove. Here are the best camping stove types to consider.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are an excellent type of camping stove for your training. Here are some of the advantages of a propane camping stove:

  • Quick and easy to light and set up.
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight.

Here are some of the disadvantages to consider before buying a gas stove:

  • Difficult to use in cold weather.
  • Can break or clog.
  • Unstable on the ground.
  • Poor simmer control.

Alcohol Stoves

An alternative to gas stoves is an alcohol stove. You can easily use this stove for cooking simple one-pot meals during your camping experience. Here are some of the benefits of liquid fuel stoves:

  • Difficult to break.
  • Stable on the ground.
  • Simple to use.
  • Inexpensive.

Here are some of the negatives to consider before buying this liquid fuel stove type:

  • Heavy.
  • Potential for leaks.
  • Not very efficient.
  • Can be cumbersome for hiking.

Petrol Stove

A petrol stove is something to consider when taking a camping trip or undergoing wilderness training. Here are the benefits of choosing a petrol stove:

  • Powerful stove.
  • Works well in cold temperatures.
  • Excellent simmer control.
  • Fuel is easy to find.

Here are some of the disadvantages to consider before buying a petrol stove for camping:

  • Propane fuel is expensive.
  • Hard to use.
  • Heavy compared to a gas stove.

Wood Stove

A wood stove creates an authentic and atmospheric camping experience for your trip and is a perfect choice if you are camping for leisure. Here are some of the benefits of investing in a wood-burning stove for your camping experience:

  • Fuel is free and accessible.
  • Atmospheric.
  • Cheap.

Below are some of the reasons why it may not be the best choice to opt for a wood stove:

  • Hard to regulate the flame.
  • Requires knowledge.
  • Low cooking power.
  • Slow cooking process.

Which Camping Stove Should I Buy In 2023?

This section will list the best camping stoves, backpacking stoves, and car camping stoves on the market. 

Here is a list of the best products on the market:

  1. Camp Chef Everest 2x:
    • Price: $190
    • Weight: 12lbs
    • BTUs per burner: 20,000
    • Large cooking surface, reasonable price, auto-ignition.
    • Heavy, not compact.
  2. Coleman Classic:
    • Price: $75
    • Weight: 9.8 lbs
    • BTUs per burner: 10,000
    • Low-cost option, durable, lightweight, ideal backpacking stove.
    • No auto-ignition.
  3. Camp chef explorer 13
    • Price: $150
    • Weight: 36lbs
    • BTUs per burner: 30,000
    • Great value, more powerful than most camping stoves, fuel-efficient, refillable propane tank. Excellent camp cooking option for car camping.
    • No autoignition, heavy and bulky.
  4. Jetboil Genesis Basecamp System
    • Price: $400
    • Weight: 9.31 lbs
    • BTUs per burner: 10,000
    • Lightweight, excellent for tactical training, two burner stove, extensive cooking system, auto-ignition.
    • It can be expensive.

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