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How Do I Set Up A Tactical Vest?

Tactical vests are used in many professions, including the military, law enforcement, first responders and security personnel, to keep people safe while doing their job. They are also used as a base for all the equipment these workers may carry on the job. They’re designed to make it easy to access crucial kits in high-stress situations.

You may be wondering, “what is the best way to set up my tactical vest?” Well, the answer is different for everyone as each individual will have a unique way of setting up their tactical vest based on what works for them.

Before setting up your tactical vest, take a look below for tips on the best ways to decide how to set it up.

Make Sure Your Vest Is A Proper Fit And It’s The Right Size For You

For starters, you will need to ensure that your tactical vest fits. If your vest is too small, it won’t provide enough coverage to keep you safe. This could be dangerous and lead to injury on the job. On the other hand, a tactical vest that is too large will make it difficult to move, which can cause you issues in stressful situations.

We recommend you try on any tactical vest you intend to buy before purchasing to ensure it fits properly and provides the right amount of coverage. You should make sure that you can secure it with the adjustable straps so that it is safe and secure while you work.

Only Get The Equipment You Need For The Job

The number of accessories for tactical vests is enormous, making it difficult to choose just the few you need. The product range can be overwhelming, from holsters to pouches to clips, but it is inefficient and expensive to have too much on your vest.

The best way to choose the equipment you need for your tactical vest is to take stock of the kit you’re actually going to need to carry with you on the job and find attachments for your tactical vest that are suitable and accessible for each kit.

Items You Should Consider Putting On Your Tactical Vest

The items you need to carry on your tactical vest will vary from profession to profession. While law enforcement may need handcuffs, batons, and flashlights, others may need medical equipment, guns, and ammunition.

Once you have taken stock of this kit, you can make the best decisions about the accessories you need to add to your tactical vest.

Make Sure You Perfect Setting Up Your Vest

Once you’ve got the kit and all the accessories you think you’ll need on your tactical vest, it’s time to create your setup. Remember that your most crucial equipment will need to be the most accessible. Store the kit in places that are easy to reach so that you can get to it in high-stress situations.

Once you’ve decided on a setup, you’ll need to memorize it as best you can, so that you can get to each kit piece whenever needed, without having to think about it.

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