The Top 7 Tactical Gear That Everyone Should Own

Jason Campoli on March 03, 2022

As Canada’s number 1 tactical gear supplier, we are well-educated on what everybody needs. Tactical gear exists to protect you in potentially life-threatening situations. It is versatile gear that offers you and your body the ultimate protection against any threat. 

However, one of the most important users of our tactical gear are the emergency services who rely on this, while they protect us from harm daily. Quality gear can mean the difference between life and death.

Choosing the right gear for each situation is important for your safety. You don’t need to make any decisions about your tactical gear needs alone. PSP Corp is happy to help you find the right tactical gear to suit your needs. 

Our personal top 7 items are:

  • tactical backpacks
  • tactical clothing
  • tactical flashlights
  • tactical boots
  • tactical knives
  • tactical belts
  • and first aid/ survival kits

1. Tactical Clothing

In comparison to other clothing, tactical clothing is proven to be durable. It allows the wearer to be mobile consistently due to its balance between lightweight and weatherproof. 

Tactical clothing is a wide encompassing category containing base wear and outerwear. Both types of tactical clothing are important to protect your body from the elements and reduce the risk of medical issues. 

2. Tactical Backpack

Designed to expand and adapt to your needs, a tactical backpack is your most useful tool. From its creation, a tactical backpack is intended to support any situation.

In the world of tactical gear, there is more than one option of backpack available to you. From a lightweight backpack to a hydration backpack and a short-haul to a long-haul backpack, the options are endless. As well, some backpacks can do it all so it is impossible to say the right tactical backpack doesn't exist. 

3. Tactical Belt

Storage is not the responsibility of just your backpack. Designed to carry tactical gear that you may immediately need, the belt is a must-have in your tactical gear necessities. 

A quality tactical belt should be rigid and stable in its design with the ability to attach additional clips and enhance its use. Nylon belts are the best to achieve all of these qualities while also being lightweight and easy to wear. 

4. Tactical Flashlight

A tactical flashlight is a necessity for every situation because you never know when a nice normal day will turn into a disaster. It needs to be versatile and long-lasting.

We recommend choosing a tactical flashlight that is compact with a strong wattage so that you get a good balance of every desirable feature. Ideally, check if they have a clip attachment to fit in your tactical belt for easy access.

5. Tactical Boots

Your feet are your most important body part in these situations that allow you to remain mobile and safe. In high-pressure situations, there is no time for a foot injury so it is better to prepare for it with tactical boots.

On the move, it is better to be overprepared than under and tactical boots are the way to achieve that. Not only do they protect against the elements but also, they are incredibly comfortable and durable for any situation.

6. Tactical Knife

With personal safety as your priority, a tactical knife should be high on your list of necessary tactical gear. Whether it is folding, quick deploy, or safety specific, the knife for you is out there and you will need it. 

Knives are not only recommended for personal safety but also general use on trips or in emergencies. Some key features for knives needed in any situation include being lightweight and easy to carry. 

7. Survival/First Aid Kits

For those venturing out into potentially dangerous situations, survival and first aid kits are essentials in case of any unexpected situation. 

A survival kit usually contains the essential equipment for any emergency extending from food packs and purified water to blankets and a compass. They are important back-ups to have much like first aid kits

Varying upon the situation, there are individual and larger trauma-specific kits that will be important additions to your tactical gear.

Get the Best Tactical Gear in Canada

Tactical gear is our strong suit. We are the top supplier for tactical gear across Canada for law enforcement, first responders, military, and government institutions because of our quality products and superior customer service.  Shop online or contact us for more information today!