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What Are Some Things I Should Look For When Purchasing Tactical Sunglasses?

In situations where tactical gear is needed, you need to be prepared for anything. Tactical sunglasses assure that on bright days, your vision remains unimpaired, allowing you to operate at 100% efficiency.

However, the necessity for tactical sunglasses extends further than simply keeping light out. In high-intensity situations, it’s incredibly easy for small things such as bits of dirt or shrapnel to hit your eyes. By wearing high-quality tactical sunglasses, you can ensure your eyes will remain protected.

There are numerous features that make tactical sunglasses a must-have item alongside your tactical gear. Below are the features you should consider when buying tactical sunglasses.

What Is The UV Protection Of Sunglasses Like? 

Tactical sunglasses generally provide complete UV protection, ensuring your eyes stay safe in harsh sunlight. During activities such as biking, patrolling, or outdoor shooting, where you’re in sunlight for multiple hours at a time, you could be at risk of UV radiation.

UV radiation can cause long-lasting damage to your body, especially to your eyes. Sunburn is the least of your worries, as this direct prolonged exposure to UV light can lead to corneal defects, cataracts, macular degeneration, and even a number of cancers. Make sure that your tactical sunglasses implement 100% UV protection for your eyes’ safety.

Are They Comfortable?

The majority of established brands offering tactical sunglasses provide complete adjustment capabilities for the lenses and nose pieces of all of their products.

This allows you to achieve the perfect fit for your facial structure, ensuring maximum comfort and preventing any risk of the glasses falling off, even when travelling at high speeds. Make sure you purchase sunglasses that are adjustable and that fit your face perfectly.

The Quality Of The Lens

Most tactical sunglasses have lenses with anti-scratch and anti-fog capabilities so that your sight is never impaired. Additionally, tru-ray optics are available with some models and prevent harmful or distracting glare in addition to the standard UV protection. Polarized lenses additionally can provide more clear vision while helping you avoid eye strain.

For people with sight impairments, prescription lenses are available for tactical sunglasses. Look closely at the specifications of the lens quality and customization features of your tactical sunglasses before you confirm your purchase.

The Colour

Tactical sunglasses come in a variety of colours and designs to suit you, no matter your preference. The frames are fully customizable in terms of colour, with the lenses coming in several shaded colours such as black, as well as shades of green, blue, and red being amongst the most popular.

The Material 

Often made using galvanized metal, tactical sunglasses utilize strong materials to ensure maximum protection of the eyes. These sunglasses are a little heavier than regular models, though they are still sturdy and comfortable. The lenses are made of impact-resistant material, allowing them to withstand contact with incredibly fast projectiles.

How Durable Are The Glasses?

With multiple coatings and the utilization of strong, durable materials, these glasses are sure to last for years. They are designed for function, built with high-intensity situations in mind. The anti-scratch lenses allow them to withstand a great deal of wear and tear without impacting their functionality.

For a better sense of how long these glasses will last, read through their specifications and keep in mind the kind of activities you’ll be using them for.

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