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What Are Some Things That I Should Look For When Purchasing Behavioural Health Furniture?

Behavioural health furniture is an essential feature in many mental health and behavioural support facilities and requires specific features that ensure they’re safe for use. 

This furniture needs to be durable, safe to use and support patients during their time in facilities instead of posing a threat. 

That’s why it’s very important to find the right behavioural health furniture that fulfils specific criteria before you consider buying pieces. This guide aims to help you understand the crucial criteria that furniture must fulfil before you make a purchase. 


We know that behavioural health facilities, correctional facilities or other healthcare facilities need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances at all times. With a constant flow of people in and out of facilities, it’s important to ensure that your furniture is flexible to different daily demands. 

When you’re purchasing behavioural health furniture, consider investing in furniture that’s flexible and adaptable to different circumstances. 

You’ll need flexibility from your furniture to ensure you can place it in different locations around the facility, along with giving you the ability to use some of the furniture for different purposes. 

Easy To Clean

As your behavioural healthcare facility is likely to have many different people travelling in and out of your care, it’s important to invest in furniture that is easy to clean and sanitize for the next visitor. This is an important part of controlling infection but also ensuring that you keep your facility in a respectable condition for your comfort and your visitor’s comfort. 

Consider investing in behavioural health furniture with easy-to-clean upholstery such as polyurethane-coated furniture; this makes mattresses or sofas very easy to clean and stops the transmission of bed bugs and the accumulation of harmful bacteria. 


Safety should be one of your biggest priorities when shopping for behavioural health furniture. Not only will you need to consider your patient’s safety, but you’ll also need to ensure you provide furniture that secures your staff’s safety and wellness at all times. 

This means you’ll need to invest in furniture such as tables that are heavy and difficult to throw, while also providing furniture and seating that’s comfortable enough for patients with chronic pain or injuries. 

Additionally, you’ll need to provide safe furniture for patients at risk of harm to themselves. To do this, you’ll need to find suicide prevention furniture like mattresses with breathable pillows.  


Your behavioural health facility is likely to see hundreds or potentially thousands of visitors within a single year, so you’ll need to find furniture that is capable of keeping up with demand, doesn’t wear easily and remains looking brand new for a long time. 

Try to find furniture that isn’t easy to deface or scratch to deter graffiti in your facility or buy furniture that doesn’t tear to ensure you won’t need to replace upholstery for a very long time. Try to find furniture that is moisture-resistant, so it doesn’t degrade quickly when in use. 

A Pleasant Look

One of the most important parts of creating a warm and welcoming behavioural health facility is finding furniture that is pleasant to look at. 

Not only will this elevate your aesthetic value, but this also plays a big part in your visitor’s comfort, so investing in aesthetically pleasing furniture should be a priority. 

The more inviting your furniture looks, the more relaxed your visitors may feel, creating a calm and pleasant environment for your staff to interact with visitors. 

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