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AKT Tactical & Safety Gear Canada

AKT Gear, made by PSP Corp., is a full line of duty gear that is made specifically for use by police, military, first responders and other law enforcement agencies across Canada. Since 2018, AKT Gear has been focused on producing exceptional quality tactical gear at affordable pricing. All the products are engineered with processes and materials that emphasize safety, comfort, protection and long-lasting durability. 

The AKT Gear lineup features a large range of products including vests, belts, gloves, bags, accessories and other gear. From handcuffs and hook knives to stab-proof vests and radios, these high-quality products are built to withstand harsh conditions in stressful environments. When seconds count, you know you can trust AKT Gear.

If you are looking for high-quality tactical gear at affordable prices, shop AKT Gear from PSP Corp. You can shop using our categorized menu or browse through our full inventory below. For government, institutional and wholesale pricing inquiries, reach out to our team of tactical gear experts today.

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