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As suppliers of tactical and patrol gloves for the Canadian military, police forces and other law enforcement agencies, we understand that your hands are your livelihood while on the job and in the field. It’s important that you have, at all times, reliable and durable protection for your hands.

At PSP Corp., we offer various selections of high-quality tactical gloves including winter gloves, patrol gloves, rescue gloves, operator gloves, specialist gloves and more. They are specially designed to provide protection, comfort and performance under harsh environments and compromising situations.

We stock only the top brands in the tactical glove industry including Hatch, Ringers Gloves, AKT Gear and others. You can choose from a variety of materials including leather, kevlar, thermal plastic rubber (TPR), neoprene and more.

Shop PSP Corp’s full selection of tactical duty gloves and patrol gloves for Canadian law enforcement today.

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