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When it comes to tactical clothing, many people consider the effects and benefits of shirts, pants, boots, sweaters, jackets and other clothing articles. However, not many people consider the unique benefits of performance underwear, compression briefs and other tactical underwear solutions.

At PSP Corp., we are proud to be a comprehensive provider of tactical clothing which includes undergarments. We carry a selection of men’s and women’s performance briefs and compression underwear, we also carry a variety of high-quality sports bras.

All of our performance underwear products are sourced from top brands in the tactical and undergarment industries including Under Armour, Hanes, XGO, and more. With these brands, you can trust that you’re receiving the highest quality of materials that enhance your performance and comfortability.

For the best selection of tactical underwear and performance undergarments in Canada, shop with PSP Corp below. We also offer bulk ordering opportunities for police, military, law enforcement officers and other government or institutional organizations. Reach out to our team of tactical experts today to learn more.

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