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Damascus Worldwide Personal Protective Gear

Law enforcement, corrections and the military require high-quality protective gear when handling high-pressure and dangerous situations like riots, so it’s best to invest in gear from an experienced supplier of protective gear like Damascus Worldwide. Made from fine quality leather and robust materials, Damascus Worldwide’s non-ballistic personal protective gear is ideal for keeping your body safe during tactical operations. 

PSP Corp supplies an extensive range of protective equipment from Damascus Worldwide, such as riot control batons, riot control helmets, gloves, hard shells, and riot shields. We have made it even easier to secure the necessary gear for riot and crowd control situations by bundling together entire upper and lower body protection kits, ensuring you have all the gear you need to stay safe. 

Damascus Worldwide products like neoprene gloves are made with materials that provide moderate resistance to glass, razor blades and other hazardous articles, making them ideal for potentially violent situations-just a small example of how effective Damascus Worldwide products are. 

For all your tactical gear needs, like personal protective gear, entrust PSP Corp to supply high-quality products that keep you safe while offering comfort and flexibility. We also supply a range of clothing, tactical gear and body cams, making us your one-stop shop for corrections, law enforcement and military gear. Shop online with us today for Damascus Worldwide products or contact our tactical experts for more information. 

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