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Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are an important tool for detecting threats both in the field and at buildings and events. At PSP Corp., we carry a selection of metal detectors for use by police officers, security officers, airports, courthouses, prisons and other high-risk locations.

Our selection of metal detectors is suitable for any application because they are available in hand-held models, traditional models and walkthrough models. All of our products come from industry-leading brands such as Garrett Security Systems. Equipped with optimum sensitivity, these machines can detect ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel and other metal objects with pinpoint accuracy.

For the best tactical metal detectors for Canadian law enforcement and security purposes, shop with PSP Corp today. Our team of tactical experts is dedicated to helping your team get the tactical support equipment they need to stay safe and stay protected while in the field and on the job. Reach out to us directly to inquire about bulk orders and government orders of handheld or walkthrough metal detectors.

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