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Sirchie Latent Fingerprint Kits, EZ Lifters & Magnetic Powder

PSP Corp. is proud to provide our Canadian police, crime scene investigators and other law enforcement agencies with convenient access to high-quality Sirchie fingerprint products. We offer a complete line of products for developing, processing, lifting and preserving latent fingerprints.

Latent print development methods and processes have evolved greatly over the past few years. Sirchie offers a multitude of procedures and products which employ both old and new technologies to ensure our client’s needs are met. Some of the supplies we sell include latent fingerprint kits, EZ lifters, magnetic powders and other fingerprint lifting tools.

For the best selection of latent fingerprint lifting supplies in Canada, shop with PSP Corp. today. You can browse our comprehensive inventory found below or reach out to our team of experts directly. We work closely with government and institutional entities to get you reliable products you can trust while on the job.

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