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MC Armor Ballistic Vests & Protective Body Armor

PSP Corp has a great range of MC Armour ballistic vests in Canada for you when you need to respond to active shooter situations or keep yourself safe from stray bullets. MC Armor has been providing and innovating specialized protective body armor to keep you safe from serious harm when encountering bullets and other fast-moving projectiles. 

At PSP Corp, you’ll find a range of NIJ.06 compliant body armor that experiences rigorous testing to ensure safety and comfort. Compliance with NIJ.06 standards means you can have complete confidence in MC Armor’s products, as these standards are the most comprehensive body armor and protective clothing standards for ballistic-resistant apparel.  

Customers looking for products like the Molle Vest will also benefit from an eight-year warranty, guaranteeing a high level of protection and quality, or your money back. You can also access discreet protective body armor from MC Armor which is currently used by service professionals and heads of state. Level IIIA-certified protective tank tops protect against .357 sig and .44 magnum cartridges travelling at 1400 ft per second. 

If you’re looking for MC Armor ballistic vests in Canada, shop online at PSP Corp today. Your safety is our priority, so if you need help with what type of protective body armor is best for your needs, get in touch today to speak to our tactical experts.

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