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SECUR™ BLANKET Suicide Prevention Products

Suicide prevention gear is essential to providing a safe environment in hospitals and correction facilities. SECUR™ BLANKET suicide prevention products are ideal for ensuring your facility’s safety while offering a cost-effective solution for jails, correctional facilities and hospitals. 

PSP Corp supplies SECUR™ BLANKET suicide prevention blankets and Secure Wear shorts and Secur Wear t-shirts. Lightweight and breathable fabric provide comfort while offering protection against tears and flames. SECUR™ BLANKET products have rounded corners for added safety and tightly quilted fabric for additional resistance to picking.

SECUR™ BLANKET suicide prevention products come in bright white, making it easier for law enforcement and medical professionals to identify blood and other substances. 

PSP Corp has been a leading industry provider of suicide prevention products since 1989, so you can be confident in the safety and quality of our products. For more information about our SECUR™ BLANKET suicide prevention products, contact our team of tactical experts, or shop online with us today. 

We also supply a comprehensive range of tactical gear, hospital and corrections facility products for suicide prevention, and essential gear for law enforcement, like body cams, so you can find all you need at PSP Corp.

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