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At PSP Corp., we want to ensure that police forces, military personnel and other law enforcement agencies across Canada have easy access to top-quality tactical gear that is dependable and performs well in the field. For this reason, we are committed to providing the best tactical gear for our line of duty workers including products such as tactical duty belts and duty pouches. 

Our duty belts and pouches are supplied from top brands in the tactical gear industry including Smith & Wesson, BlackHawk, AKT Gear, Radar and more. All these products are manufactured using only the highest quality of materials to ensure maximum performance and reliability in any situation. 

We have a comprehensive selection of pouches and other accessories for your tactical duty belt including radio holsters, chemical agent pouches, handcuff pouches, flashlight pouches, magazine/ammo pouches and more. 

For the best tactical duty belts and duty pouches in Canada, shop our categorized collection of inventory below. If you are unsure which tactical solution is ideal for your law enforcement agency, reach out to our team of tactical experts today. We can help you choose the best products and ensure your team stays equipped for all types of situations in the line of duty.

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