Capture Clear Video and Audio Recordings of Police Interactions

The Halo Body Cam ensures you stay connected anywhere, anytime, with real-time GPS tracking and live streaming capabilities, plus high-quality video recordings uploaded directly to Halo's 100% cloud-based secure storage environment.

Halo’s Cutting-Edge Features

16-Hour continuous recording
AES256 Encryption
Starlight Lens-tech for filming in low-light situations
GPS Positioning
Waterproof (IP68)
Secure storage for all digital media types

How Halo Bodycam
Technology Benefits your Team

Document statements, observations, behaviours, and evidence with ease
No streaming costs
Identify and correct internal agency problems
Protection against false complaints
Simplified evidence gathering

Why Emergency Services Choose Halo Cams

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Instant Evidence
Customizable Features icon
Customizable Features
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Cutting Edge Technology

Why Choose Halo Body Cameras?

Halo Technologoes takes an innovative approach when it comes to Body Worn Video Cameras, producing state-of-the-art video technology for police and emergency services like no other. Backed by a 5-year product warranty. Halo's technology is designed to function in high stakes situations and produces high-quality video and sound recordings in less-than-ideal conditions.

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Make Safety Your #1 Priority. Protect Your Team with Halo

Lease A Halo Body Camera Technologies with PSP Corp

With Halo, you don't ever need to worry about sacrificing this vital technology to satisfy your bottom line. Halo is the only Body Camera manufacturer in the world specializing in leasing options that offer the following benefits:

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Low monthly charges
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Zero upfront costs to squeeze into your budget
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Upgrade or downgrade your contract features anytime, depending on your needs
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The most up-to-date technology is always guaranteed
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Accidental damage insurance cover included
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24/7 customer support

The Future is Halo

Halo is continuously developing their technology, so you can trust that you are always getting the most technologically advanced and up-to-date product that will have you covered whenever you need it most.

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Seamless integration Vault software gives you instant access to digital evidence out in the field
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4G connected devices
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The most powerful chipsets on the market
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Inter-platform evidence sharing

Add an extra layer of security with Halo Body Cameras

Halo Technologies is the world's only dedicated BodyCam leasing specialist, and PSP Corp is proud to be the official Halo Distributor for all of North America.

Contact PSP Corp Today to explore leasing options that suit your needs.