Tactical Gear Brands for Police,
Security & Military

At PSP Corp, we know the importance of having high-quality tactical gear and supplies that you can trust when working in the field. The industries and organizations that we supply tactical and duty gear for, count on us to keep their employees and the public safe. 

When PSP Corp opened in 1989, we quickly earned a reputation for the high-quality manufacturing of tactical goods. However, to keep up with the growing demands of the security and protection industry, we have expanded into the distribution of well-known and trusted brands in the industry.

PSP Corp. is committed to manufacturing and stocking only the best brands in the tactical industry. For a breakdown of the most popular brands for each type of tactical supply, check out the list below.

Brands by PSP Corp.

The most Well Known name in Suicide Prevention world wide is now offering a new product! 

PSP Corp. Released in 2018 a new brand ``AKT Gear`` a full line of Duty Gear which offers up a great product at a fantastic price. This line replaces the PSP Corp branded apparel and identifies top quality duty at fantastic pricing. 

Since its humble beginnings in 1989 PSP Corp. has always kept its heritage front and center with its original product line "Argentino".

PSP USA LLC is part of the PSP Corp Group of Companies.

Our USA Site will launch in the coming months!

Since its humble beginnings in 1989, PSP Corp. has always kept its heritage front and centre with its original product line known as “Argentino”.

SecurBlanket.com is the most well-known name in suicide prevention across the world. PSP Corp has over 30 years of experience manufacturing suicide prevention products and distributing them across Canada.

PSP Corp. released a new brand in 2018 called ‘AKT Gear’, this is a full line of duty gear that offers up a great product at a fantastic price. This line replaces the PSP Corp. branded apparel and identifies top-quality duty at affordable prices.


Below you will find some of the most well-known and trusted brands in the tactical industry. These are the brands that police services, military personnel, law enforcement officers and other security professionals trust when they are in the field. 

AKT Bonowi Radar Vega
ORIGINAL SWAT First tactical
humain restraints
Argentini Suicide Prevention Brand
Tact Squad Turtleskin gloves
HWI Gear Zak Tools
Ghost international Garrett decurity systems Magnum Armor Express
Damascus Streamlight
New word imports Nik
Armor Forensics
GLASSPEC MC Armor SureFire
ACME Pro-Line Traffic Safety Otis Smart GunCare
Pelican Cases and Lights TUFLOC Concept Brand by PSP Corp. Armourer's Choice


Brands - Clothing and Footwear

If you are searching for the best tactical clothing and tactical footwear brands, check out our list below. These trusted brands have experience and a reputation for providing top-of-the-line tactical apparel for government agencies and institutions across Canada. 


5 star gear  ATC
under armor EMI Emergency medical EVI-PAQ



Brands - Gloves & Riot Gear

Are you looking for high-quality tactical gloves and/or riot gear in Canada? If so, you should choose from our selection of the following tactical brands. These brands have established a name for themselves for their exceptional quality tactical gloves and other riot gear supplies.


Paulson manufacturing HATCH Premier crown  Mechanix wear


Brands - Duty Gear

When it comes to duty gear and tactical supplies for law enforcement agencies such as police officers, it’s important that you can trust and rely on each and every piece of tactical equipment. These industry-leading brands are well-known for providing superior quality duty gear across Canada. 


Boston leather Bianchi  Gould and gouldrich
Galco gunleather
Desantis Fobus Maxpedition
Tru-spec Rothco Nite lze
Monadnock products
EZ Cuff
Resqme Hiatt
Forensics Humvee Raven councealment
Saunders Triform Posse box Uzi
Inova Pro-gard industries Code red headset


Brands - Knives & Training 

If you are searching for high-quality tactical knives, PSP Corp has the solutions. We are partnered with industry-leading brands that are well-established and trusted for their expertise in the tactical knife and training categories. Check out our recommended brands below. 


Lansky sharpners shrade

Steel will knives Kershaw Boker Benchmade
Gerber gear Blue training guns SOG Uncle henry


Brands - Gun Cleaning & Accessories

Looking for trusted gun cleaning kits and gun cleaning accessories in Canada? PSP Corp stocks and distributes tactical gun cleaning supplies from the most trusted brands in the industry. Check out our selection of recommended brands below.


M-pro7 Kleenbore Lyman products Caldwell 
Hoppe's GunMate Hogue Pachmayr
Howard leight Crimson trace Targ-dots Truglo
Wheeler Engineering

Brands - Flashlights & Accessories

Energy products
Fenix  Maglite

Brands - Optics & Eyewear

For anyone searching for the best brands in tactical eyewear, PSP Corp. has the selection for you. We ensure that the brands we partner with offer the highest quality of tactical sunglasses available. Check out our recommended brand lines below.


Oakley Steiner binoculars Bushnell  
ESS Wiley X Serengeti Bolle