DURABENCH Holding Cell Bench

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The DURABENCH is a one piece molded fiberglass modular bench, designed to be secured to a wall and the floor. For this purpose, it has a flange along its top and bottom edges, that come pre-drilled to accept the fasteners.

The ends are vertical to the floor enabling the insertion in the corner of a room as well as next to other bench to span a larger area.

The bench is four feet long, it has a contoured top for added comfort, a textured surface and three recessed steel bars that can be used to anchor restraints. There is an optional eye bolt for ankle restraints.

Height: 17"
Width: 20"
Length: 48"
Weight: 32 lbs 


Color as a therapeutic tool

Color is a basic design element that, when used in combination with lighting, temperature and contemporary furniture design, become a useful tool in the creation of an environment suitable for behavior modification and rehabilitation, while reducing tension, thereby enhancing the safety of the residents and the staff.

The use of natural colors in the sleep spaces, dining / game areas and classrooms create a connection with the outside world that reduces stress, improves morale, reduce anxiety and promote socialization.

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