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Heavy duty Duramax Bed includes side bars that run the length of the bed for easy adjustment of restraints. Designed to fit Humane Restraint's standard products, the bed also has a curved top for patient comfort and is non-porous for easy cleaning. Fire resistant mattress and restraint systems sold separately.

Duramax Bed: 75" x 30" x 16"
Duramax Bed with Head and Foot Anchor Points: 75” x 30" x 16"



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Color as a therapeutic tool

Color is a basic design element that, when used in combination with lighting, temperature and contemporary furniture design, become a useful tool in the creation of an environment suitable for behavior modification and rehabilitation, while reducing tension, thereby enhancing the safety of the residents and the staff.

The use of natural colors in the sleep spaces, dining / game areas and classrooms create a connection with the outside world that reduces stress, improves morale, reduce anxiety and promote socialization.

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