Model 6355RDS ALS® Tactical Holster with Quick-Release Leg Harness Gun Fit: Smith & Wesson M&P 40L C.O.R.E w/ SureFire X300



The 6355RDS holster is specifically designed for firearms with red dot sights mounted to them. This model features the Automatic Locking System (ALS®), an internal locking device that retains the weapon in all directions providing secure retention in an open top holster for tactical use. With ALS, once the weapon is holstered, it locks into place, providing an extra measure of security for the weapon. Further, the holster is completely operable with the thumb, making it very instinctive to use. And finally, once the device is de-activated a simple straight up draw can be used. Key to comfort and stability are the lightweight double leg strap and the leg shroud. Features a detachable buckle on the vertical leg strap for versatility. SafariSuede™ lining helps protect the gun's sights and finish.

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