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Atomic Absorption Analysis is considered to be a sensitive, most effective method for the detection of firearm discharge residue on the skin or clothing of a suspect. The AAA process has demonstrated its suitability as an investigative aid for nearly a decade and has been accepted in federal and state courts as conclusive evidence in numerous cases. The AAA process detects the presence of barium, antimony, copper and lead. Barium and antimony are present in the primers of most United States-made and some European brands of ammunition, while copper and lead particles originate from cartridge cases and projectiles. Upon detonation of a cartridge, these elements are deposited on the shooter’s hands. The AAA100 kits are used to swab the entire surface of the suspect’s hands. The samples taken are then submitted for laboratory analysis. Due to the extreme sensitivity of Atomic Absorption Analysis, the swabs, preservation tubes, nitric acid solution and container must be free from contamination. SIRCHIE® has developed this kit to fulfill this requirement. The AAA100 kit contains 10 individual test kits and the components of each are handled under controlled conditions to ensure absolute minimum contamination. Sold in sets of 10 kits.

When a weapon is fired, gunpowder residues are propelled toward the target. Primer and gunpowder residues are blown back in the direction of the shooter. In most cases, trace amounts of these residues are deposited on the shooter’s firing hand. The detection of these trace residues can give valuable information regarding whether or not a particular individual has recently fired a weapon. The collection of primer residues deposited on the hand of the shooter—normally on the thumb web and the back of the hand holding the weapon, is accomplished by swabbing those areas with plastic cotton tips that have been moistened with a 5 percent nitric acid solution. Determining whether or not a particular person has fired a weapon is normally accomplished by measuring the amount of barium and antimony on the suspect’s hands. Atomic absorption spectrophotometry analysis has proven to be very successful in identifying these trace residues.

AAA100 includes 10 test with:

1 - KCP123 Polyethylene Dispenser, 5% Nitric Acid with Controlled Flow Applicator and Protective Cap, 3ml

6 - AAA1001-AAA1006 Vilas, Open End, Contaminant-Free with 12mm Polypropylene Closures with Specimen Swabs

1 - EIL021 Police Seal Warning Label

1 - SF00761 Latex, Powder-Free Gloves, Pair

1 - KCP120 Case, Molded Styrene, 4.625" x 3.5" x .875" PRIMER RESIDUE TRACES

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