Sirchie - Trace Metal Detection Kit

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The trace metal detection technique (TMDT) makes metal trace patterns visible on skin and clothing that has been treated with a test solution and then illuminated by shortwave ultraviolet light. Examination allows an investigator to determine whether or not a suspect has been in contact with certain metal objects, the type of metal or metals in the object and also to determine what type of weapon or metal object was handled.

TMDT100 includes; TMDT100R includes in blue italics:

12 - FPT1 Super Cleaner Towelettes

4 - KCP230 AA Batteries, Alkaline

1 - SB4 Spray Bottle, 4 oz.

1 - SWL100 Shortwave UV Light Source, 6 VDC, 4 watt Bulb

4 - TMDT01 Trace Metal Reagents, 1 oz.

1 - TMDT1001 Carrying Case, Molded Copolymer with Machined PLastic Insert

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