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In Stock Tactical Gear Essentials for Canadians

At PSP Corp, we understand that most orders of tactical gear are time-sensitive. For this reason, we have launched an essential product collection that is guaranteed to be in stock and ready for delivery. 

Police forces, military and other law enforcement agencies often need supplies replenished and restocked. If these supplies are not available when needed, it can lead to officers being not fully protected and prepared for their job in the line of duty. PSP Corp. cares about the safety of your officers and the public, so we ensure that we keep our essential supplies in stock for you at all times. 

Check out our selection of in-stock essentials including tactical gloves, tactical flashlights, AKT starter kits, duty belts, batons and more. Additionally, when you choose from the following products, we offer next-day shipping to anywhere in Quebec, Ontario or Eastern Canada.

If you are looking for volume orders call 1-877-767-6625 so we can confirm our stock and ensure you get your order taken care of right away.

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