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Garrett Security Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are an integral feature of maintaining a safe facility, so it’s essential to procure reliable metal detection gear that can identify metal materials, allowing you to remove potentially harmful items from the premises. 

PSP Cop supplies a comprehensive range of Garrett Security Metal Detectors that are high-quality and perfect for on-the-go metal detection. Garrett Security is a leading provider of pinpoint detection technology that enables your employees to quickly scan and move through personnel, increasing safety and efficiency. 

Alongside necessary metal detection gear, PSP Corp supplies all of the hand-held metal detection gear accessories, including headphones, rechargeable battery kits and belt holders. 

A significant benefit of choosing from many Garrett Security metal detectors is that you can decide which tool is more effective and flexible for your exact needs. So, whether you’re scanning in large crowds at events or screening visitors at a corrections facility, PSP Corp has it covered. 

For all your tactical gear needs, entrust PSP Corp to supply high-quality products that keep you safe while offering comfort and flexibility. We also supply a range of clothing, tactical gear and body cams, making us your one-stop shop for corrections, law enforcement and military gear.

You can rely on PSP Corp to supply you with high-quality, reliable products by Garrett. Reach out to our team of tactical experts for more information or shop our collection below today! 

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