Rifle Ammunition Canada

Rifle ammunition products are integral to any armed forces unit, replenishing any rounds used during combat. We provide industry-compliant rifle ammunition in Canada and North America for police organizations, correctional facilities, customs offices, and law enforcement agencies.

High-Quality Rifle Ammunition

These products are curated to provide safe and compliant rifle ammunition. The ammunition in this collection should be compatible with most weapon models used in professional services.

We carry an assortment of grains, and you can access weapons in rounds varying between 100 and 2000 to suit the scale of your operations. We also offer 25 boxes of 10 and 10 boxes of 25 allowing for even distribution between team members.

You’ll find ammunition from reputable brands like ADI World Class, Belom, Federal Premium Ammunition, FN America, and Defense Technology. Only safe, quality-assured, and premium brands are selected for our collections.

If you need assistance selecting ammunition or making a bulk purchase, you can always rely on advice from our team of tactical experts. Contact PSP Corp. today to begin filling your ammunition stockpile.

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