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Our Team

With over 20 years of hands-on experience, Leonardo has had the opportunity of working and utilizing his many talents in multiple high-profile fields. In the past 7 years, at the helm of PSP Corp., he has prioritized the re-branding and growth of the company. With laser-sharp execution, he has focused his efforts on ensuring that PSP forges on a path of sustained and continued growth, while maintaining excellence in all aspects of their offerings.

With well over 20 years experience as a well-renowned public speaker and having achieved great success in the entertainment industry, Jason is a master of combining his love of art with all aspects of business. Since 2013, Jason has led Sales and Distribution for PSP Corp., both International and Domestic divisionsJason has taken a once fledgling company into a substantial current, reputable, sought-out provider of products, services and industry expertise.

Ted, with well over 30 years of sales experience is an invaluable asset to the PSP Corp. family. He is well-reputed in the industry and also well-recognized as “The Holster Guy”. With a level of expertise bar none, Ted not only brings a wealth of product knowledge but also provides great understanding of our ever-challenging industry and what is needed to get the job done.

Gabriel comes to the table with well over 30 years of sales experience. His wealth of industry knowledge is only outmatched by his Firearms and Ballistic Vests expertise. His knowledge is highly regarded within the complex environments of Correctional Facilities and Psychiatric Hospitals. His commitment to excellence precedes him.

Jacques Athot - Quebec Account Manager

Jacques or respectfully known as “The Industry Encyclopedia”, as he’s referred by clients and colleagues. With over 29 years of industry experience, he has the commendable skill of having memorized almost every product code within our tactical line-up offering. Jacques retired his hat at Montreal’s Thomas Electronic and we are extremely fortunate to have him on our PSP Corp. team since 2016. 

Claude Beauchamp - Boutique Account Representative

Claude exemplary ex-Military, having served our country on multiple tours and later missions. Among his many accomplishments are; 3 time Karate World Campion for Canada, Master Trainer for Bonowi Batons in Canada as well as Smith and Wesson Handcuff Trainer. If you have any tactical questions, just as for Claude and he’s certain to provide you with not only a wealth of information but maybe regale you with a legendary story to go with that.

Pierrette Marin - Head Designer

With over 30 years of pattern-making under her belt, Pierrette has shown her dedication and commitment as a PSP Corp. team member for over 15 years! With tremendous accomplishments through the years, sharing her craft within the industry, we are proud to have such an exceptional devoted person on staff. Hands of gold and execution skills to match!

Frédéric Beauchamp - Account Manager

We are so fortunate to have Frédéric as part of our team. He is a young team member that brings life and energy to our physical store front here in Montréal. Frederic also brings his knowledge gained from working for large franchises.