Ballistic Blankets

At PSP Corp., we carry a selection of ballistic blankets that are designed specifically for use by police and military personnel across Canada. These lightweight ballistic blankets are exceptional tactical tools that can be used for a wide variety of hazardous situations.

We carry Armor Express ballistic blankets which are made from 100% aramid fibres, a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibre that is popularly used in the military and aerospace industries. These blankets are easy to use and rated to withstand up to Level IIIA ammunition.

Our ballistic blankets come in a variety of colours including black, dark green and beige. We carry a selection of pre-made sizes ranging from 2×6 all the way up to 4×8, however, they are also available in custom sizing. If your team requires custom dimensions for your ballistic blankets, reach out to our team of tactical experts at PSP Corp today.

To get the best ballistic blankets for your Canadian police force or military personnel, shop with PSP Corp today. We are committed to keeping our law enforcement agencies safe and protected from the dangers of fieldwork. Browse the full selection of products below.

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