Gun Receivers Canada

PSP Corp. provides gun receivers in Canada and North America to support the military, armed forces, and National Guard organizations. Gun receivers integrate the components of your firearm and must align with the size of the gun model and components.

Investing in parts replacements is necessary to maintain the condition of your firearms and ensure they perform in high-pressure situations. We can supply parts compatible with various gun models - including the most popular models in armed forces organizations.

Browse our range to find firearm receivers from reputable brands like Smith & Wesson, CMMG, Bravo Company USA, and Sig Sauer. Choose from standard, competition, or tactical options in colours like armour black, charcoal green, and coyote tan to suit your camo and tactical clothing.

For a wide range of gun accessories at a competitive price, choose PSP Corp. If you are unsure which accessories are right for your current loadout, contact our tactical gear experts today. We can recommend the best-suited gun receivers and accessories for you and your team.

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