Gun Safes & Vehicle Firearm Storage Canada

Safe firearm storage ensures your weapons are secured from untrained personnel and civilians and your firearms stay in top condition.

PSP Corp. is a proud provider of gun safes and vehicle firearm storage in Canada. We serve professional organizations such as the military, corrections, customs, police, and armed forces, providing industry-compliant and high-spec gear.

Our gun safes collection is curated from highly regarded brands like Pachmayr, Plano, Pro Guard Industries, and Remington. And we offer gun safes compatible with most gun fits used in professional organizations, such as Mossberg 590, Ruberg Mini 14, and Colt-AR-15.

The vehicle firearm storage dividers we offer are compatible with most industry standard vehicles and can also double as prisoner containment tools.

If you need help choosing the right tactical gear for your operations, you can always rely on assistance from our tactical experts, who are always on hand to help.

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