Handcuffs and firearms are an essential part of the Canadian law enforcement uniform. It’s crucial that these tools are properly cleaned, sanitized and maintained to ensure functionality when needed most. At PSP Corp., we have a selection of high-quality handcuff and firearm cleaning products that are uniquely designed for the use of police, military and other law enforcement agencies across Canada.

We carry a variety of firearm cleaning systems from L&R Ultrasonics, an international leader in ultrasonic cleaning systems and solutions for more than 90 years. These systems are designed to save valuable time and money by streamlining the entire cleaning, sanitization and lubrication process and ultimately enhancing and extending the life of your equipment.

Browse our full selection of systems below. If you are unsure of which handcuff & firearm ultrasonic cleaning system is right for your organization, reach out to our tactical experts at PSP Corp today. We can help you closely assess the needs of your unit and recommend the solution that will work best for you.

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