Gear Tie ProPack 12 - 12 Pack - Assorted Colors

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UPC# : 094664033764

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  • Reusable Rubber Twist Ties
  • Waterproof for salt and fresh water use
  • UV resistant
  • Strong wire inside holds its shape
UPC# : 094664033764
The Gear Tie ProPack makes tackling multiple wrapping, hanging, or looping jobs a breeze. With their sturdy, colorful exteriors and strong, bendable wire interiors, each gear tie secures, hangs, or neatens even the most unruly objects with a quick wrap-and-twist motion. This 12 pack gives you a healthy supply of ties which are perfect for organizing medium to long cords, cables, hair dryers, kitchen appliances, and all those other electronic items you need every day.
UPC# : 094664033764
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UPC Code 094664033764