Sirchie® is a trusted brand and a global leader in crime scene investigations and forensic supplies. They have been used and trusted by police forces and law enforcement agencies across Canada, North America and beyond since 1927. Sirchie® products are specifically designed and tested to ensure you are able to command any crime scene your team encounters.

At PSP Corp., we believe in supplying our Canadian police associations and law enforcement agencies with the highest quality of tools and equipment while in the field. For this reason, we carry a variety of Sirchie® branded products including fingerprint taking, DNA and evidence collection kits, narcotic testing kits, crime scene documentation tools and more.

When you choose Sirchie®, you are choosing high-quality manufactured products that are uniquely designed for the task at hand. Allowing you to always feel confident in the line of duty. If you need assistance in choosing the right forensic tools for your team, reach out to our team of tactical experts at PSP Corp today.

Browse our full selection of Sirchie® from the catalogue below:

Latent Fingerprint Development RUVIS Systems Alternate Light Sources
Evidence Packaging, Labeling & Sealing Personal Protection Crime Scene Documentation & Photography
Evidence Collection Tools & Kits Physiological Specimen & DNA Collection  Blood Search, ID Enhancement 
Fingerprint Taking Narcotics Investigation Tire, Tool, Footwear Casting & Impressions
Gun Shot Residue, Serial Number Restoration & Trace Metal Magnifiers & Comparitors Theft & Fraud Detection

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