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TurtleSkin Search – Puncture Resistant Gloves



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TurtleSkin Search – Puncture Resistant Gloves

TurtleSkin Leather Search Gloves provide the maximum amount of protection from cut and puncture during extreme searches.

Protects You from Many Threats
TurtleSkin Leather Search Gloves give you the best protection from sharp threats like needle sticks, puncture, and cuts. Tested to conform to NIJ 99-114

Advanced, Patented Materials
Made with advanced, patented protective materials in the palm of the hand and fingers, these leather search gloves are made for high-risk contact, frisk, and search situations.

Protects You from Needlesticks
TurtleSkin Leather  Search Gloves provide 11 times more protection than most police gloves against 28-gauge hypodermic syringes � the needles used by many drug addicts.

Keeps Your Hands Safe from Injury
Rugged TurtleSkin Leather Search Gloves have injury protection on the front of the hand, fingers, and fingertips as well as complete coverage of the index finger, with a soft, comfortable leather back. These gloves are the best protective gloves for law enforcement available, they provide 1.1 lbs of resistance form a 28 gauge needle.