Public Access Intermediate Bleeding Control - 8 Pack Vacuum Sealed

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  • 1 NAR red nylon carrying case
  • 1 NAR Responder QuikLitter
  • 8 intermediate individual bleeding control kits (vacuum sealed)
he North American Rescue (NAR) Public Access Bleeding Control (PABC) 8-Pack is designed to provide bystanders and initial first responders with quick and easy access to essential medical equipment for stopping life-threatening bleeding. The PABC 8-Pack includes 8 Individual Bleeding Control Kits that are contained inside of an easy-to-open nylon carrying case. Also included is 1 NAR Responder QuikLitter used for moving injured casualties. Each of the eight Individual Bleeding Control Kits are packaged in a ruggedized vacuum sealed pouch and contain the most effective, easiest to use and fastest to apply CAT tourniquet, Responder Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD) to be used as a pressure bandage, Responder compressed gauze for bandaging wounds, and step-by-step illustrated pictorial instructions so bystanders and immediate responders can help save lives.