Radar Darwin Holster


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Country of Manufacture Italy

This newly developed holster is one of kind! Able to fit either a Glock 17/19/45/22 no light, Or Glock 17/19/45/22 with TLR 7 or 8.

TLR1 and 2 and X300 Coming Soon!

This holster can be modified into 60 configurations.

Fits Belts from 2 inch to 2 1/4 as shown (can fit a garrison if need be)

Radar says instead of changing your holster why not modify it!

Innovation brought to you by Radar 1957 

Made in Italy

Hand Option SKU UPC
Right Hand Hi-Rise 6MA07-552AF7-001  
Right Hand Low-Rise 6MA07-552AF7-002  
Right Hand Mid-Rise 6MA07-552AF7-003  
Left Hand Mid-Rise 6MA07-552AF7-006  
Left Hand Hi-Rise 6MA07-552AF7-004  
Left Hand Low-Rise 6MA07-552AF7-005  
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Weight 0.000000
Country of Manufacture Italy