T-Series L2C Overt Glock 17 LH RG 19/22/23/31/32/45/47, Box


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Weight 0.01 lbs
Country of Manufacture United States
MPN 411700RGL
  • Thumb-activated retention follows Master Grip Principle
  • Sound-dampening lining for stealth drawing and holstering
  • Durable material provides protection with sleek design for minimal bulk
  • Low-friction internal material for smooth and effortless draw
  • Inherently optic compatible due to speed cut design on L2C holster body
  • Available in light-bearing configurations
  • Optimized for tactical shooter gun belts
  • Optimized for tactical shooter gun belts
  • Duty Rated
  • Jacket Slot Belt Loop - Provides more optimal draw height with adjustable cant and clamping belt interface for added security
  • Leg Strap Adapter - Provides added stability in austere and dynamic environments
UPC# : 604544684148
When the time for stealth has passed, enter the T-Series L2C Overt. This holster is designed to find it’s home on your dedicated gun belt, along with your magazine carriers, IFAK’s and dump pouches. A light weight and low profile relative of T-Series L2D, this holster is absent the taller sight track shroud. Instead featuring the same Speed Cut” geometry found on the L2C. This Speed Cut aids in rapid drawing and re-holstering, as well as making the Overt inherently optic compatible.
UPC# : 604544684148
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Weight 0.010000
Country of Manufacture United States
UPC Code 604544684148
MPN 411700RGL