What Exactly Is Tactical Gear?

What Exactly Is Tactical Gear?

Tactical gear used to be highly specialized equipment reserved for the military and law enforcement. Nowadays, tactical gear is not only available to civilians, but is also a major part of mainstream fashion and culture.

What is included under the term "tactical gear?" Does it pertain to clothing or equipment? Why are so many regular people interested in it?

In this article, we will answer all of your pressing questions about tactical gear. Keep reading to learn about the history of tactical gear and what special features it requires.

The word “tactical” means “relating to combat tactics.” Of course, this is a simple definition for a complex term. To really understand the full context of what tactical means, there is a lot to consider.

What Are The Uses of Tactical Gear?

When it comes to tactical gear, we are talking about clothing that has specific practical purposes.

The purposes of tactical gear can vary significantly, and it really comes down to how you use the gear. For example, tactical gear for police officers is different than tactical gear for security or military equipment.

Tactical gear for civilians, such as hunters or campers, differ as well. While police officer equipment can include bulletproof vests, while a hunter's tactical gear is more likely to include extra pockets for carrying provisions, like food and water.

In addition, tactical gear is not just limited to clothing items. There are many different types of tactical gadgets as well, like binoculars, night-vision goggles, knives, and sunglasses would all be considered tactical gear.

You do not have to be in the military, police, or security professions to benefit from the use of tactical gear. Tactical gear offers many uses for civilian activities and hobbies, and almost anyone can use various types of tactical gear.

What Makes Tactical Gear Tactical?

Tactical gear has certain important features and characteristics that regular clothing does not. For example, tactical boots, backpacks, and gloves are not the same as civilian boots, backpacks, and gloves designed for fashion.

Tactical gear gets designed for specific tactical applications. Most tactical gear incorporates features like durability, concealment, weapon accommodation, range of movement, and comfort.


Tactical gear suited for combat will undergo extreme stress and wear. It needs to be tough enough to handle a big impact, and it also needs to be versatile for different climates and environments.

Tactical gear is subject to significant wear and tear, therefore it has to be constructed out of extremely durable materials.

Tactical pants incorporate ripstop fabric, which are woven fabrics, made from nylon, that uses a reinforcing technique that makes them more resistant to tearing or ripping. 

Military boots come in premium leather or ballistic nylon, while tactical gloves get reinforced with thermoplastic rubber.

These durable materials make tactical gear stronger and help ensure it lasts longer.


Concealment is one of the most important features of tactical gear, as stealth is often an important aspect of tactical gear designs, and colour has a lot to do with this.

A lot of tactical gear is for use at night, under the cover of darkness, making dark colours like black and camouflage excellent for concealment.

It is of the utmost importance that military uniforms, for example, blend in with the environment. This prevents soldiers from being sitting ducks for their enemies.

Weapons Accommodation

In most cases, the type of person wearing tactical gear needs to carry a weapon. This is especially true when it comes to tactical gear for police and military equipment.

Discretion is also quite important. Tactical gear requires the space to accommodate weapons, and it also requires the ability to conceal weapons and hide them from plain view.

For example, tactical pants often include gun holsters, and these holsters can be on both the inside and outside of the waistband.

Certain tactical boots also include a sheath for a small knife. Whether you need to conceal a weapon or not, tactical gear offers effective solutions that give you options no matter what it is being used for.

Range of Movement

Mobility is very important, especially during combat. Therefore, tactical equipment needs to allow for a wide range of movement, because if you can't move easily, your ability to act gets compromised.

There are many ways to accommodate a range of movement in tactical gear. For example, tactical backpacks incorporate multiple load-bearing straps, and these straps promote balance when moving quickly over uneven terrain.

Tactical pants incorporate strategic gussets for flexibility, while tactical gloves don't inhibit dexterity the way civilian gloves do. Their design allows the wearer to perform fine motor skills without getting slowed down by the gear.


Comfort is a big part of tactical gear and clothing, too. Most tactical gear gets worn for long periods of time, however, in the military, tactical gear gets worn constantly. Therefore, tactical gear is not just comfortable for the sake of it. There is a specific purpose for the comfort of tactical gear. When tactical gear promotes comfort, it makes it easier for the wearer to focus on the task at hand.

You wouldn't want a police officer or soldier to get distracted by itchy, hot, or ill-fitting tactical gear. You want their full attention focused on the job they're entrusted to perform.

History of Tactical Gear

The origins of tactical gear go back thousands of years. The first tactical gear was armour for the purpose of fighting in a battle, like a chain mail. The history of tactical gear is intertwined with military equipment.

In the 20th Century, tactical gear for civilians experienced grew in popularity. People originally wore tactical gear for specific purposes, however, in recent decades, even high fashion has taken inspiration from tactical gear.

Stockpiling tactical gear and military equipment hasn't always been a necessity, but, when the country is involved in a war, sometimes a surplus of equipment occurs.

The idea of tactical gear being available to the public appeals to a lot of consumers, and these days, tactical gear is available to anyone who wants it.

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Tactical gear is clothing and equipment designed with a specific purpose in mind. There is tactical gear for police, military, security, and civilians.

Tactical gear must be durable, comfortable, and versatile. It must enable stealth, accommodate weapons, and allow for a wide range of movement.

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